M12 Round Metal Connector

First, it is necessary to clarify the main purpose of the connector, because there are many specifications and models of the M12 connector, different types of connectors are used in different situations. It can also be customized according to the customer’s use occasion, according to the target, frequency, output The power and application scenarios are different, and there are various M12 circular metal connectors in different ways.

In particular, the M12 circular metal connector is not limited to current. In today’s rapid development of optoelectronics technology, in the optical fiber system software, the medium for transmitting data signals is light, and laminated glass and plastic replace the general Power transmission lines in power circuits, but connectors are also used in optical signal paths, and their functions are the same as power circuit connectors.

Secondly, the electrical equipment characteristics of the high-current M12 circular metal connectors should be considered: current, working voltage, and resistors should be considered comprehensively. Generally, customers only know how many square meters of cable they choose and how much current they are. After application, they find that the current is low and the item burned. Why? Because the output power is very large, it is not positively related to the current. Here also consider the instantaneous current, the working voltage is also critical.

The technical engineer calculated the current, working voltage, resistor and output power of the connector accurately. There is no problem with the left and right calculations. They did not remember that the motor starting current is very large, and must remember the high current M12 circular metal connection The main parameters of the device should be improved to ensure safety. To complete the waterproof function of the M12 circular metal connector, it is necessary to ensure that the docking page and each sub-page can complete the sealing function.

The structure of the M12 circular metal connector is divided into two parts: a power plug and a power socket. In general applications, the power socket is installed on the experimental instrument and fixed according to the installation flange. The power plug is constructed as a cable and can be connected to the power socket. Complete the transfer function. The butt end is equipped with a rectangular silicone ring, both sides are set in the installation threaded holes, and the tail is made of epoxy resin for sealing.

When installing, use 2 mounting screws, and choose the post-board mounting method. The power socket is fixed on the mounting plate. The square sealing ring on the power socket is reduced when the mounting screws are tightened, which is airtight and waterproof. The other end of the M12 round metal connector should be fixed with a waterproof wire clip. The power plug of the M12 round metal connector is installed in the waterproof wire clip. The mounting screws on both sides of the wire clip cross the power plug of the connector and are in the waterproof wire clip. A large-volume sealing ring is set up at the butt end.

When the power plug is docked with the power socket, the mounting screws on both sides of the cord clamp and the threads of the hexagonal mounting screws on the control panel are engaged. With the effect of the mounting screws, the power plug of the connector and the power socket are inserted; in addition, waterproof The square sealing ring of the docking end of the wire clip suffers from the shrinkage of the installation control panel, which completes the sealing and waterproof effect of the docking page of the M12 circular metal connector.

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