Introduction of Cable Connector

With the continuous development trend of electronic information technology in recent years, the application of industrial automation cable connector in microelectronics technology, automobile manufacturing industry and its medical equipment industry has attracted more and more attention. Components are getting smaller and smaller, and power circuits relative density is getting higher and higher, and the transmission rate is getting faster and faster. The industrial control automation cable connector is moving towards high density, miniaturization, thinning, composition, efficient operation, mass production and its various development trends This will become a new breakthrough in the industrial automation connector manufacturing industry.

In terms of the production cost structure of automotive industrial automation cable plugs, the cost of the industrial automation cable plugs used by each car in China is only a few hundred yuan, and the cost of each overseas industrial automation connector is about 125~150 US dollars. From this, it can be seen that China’s automotive industrial control automation connector sales market also has a very large development prospect. In the future, each car will be applied to 600-1,000 different types of electronic devices industrial automation connectors, far exceeding the total number of applications now.

In the future, China is expected to become a key production base for the world’s automotive industrial automation cable plugs. In addition to opening some famous international large-scale factories, Chinese manufacturers investing in and building factories will gradually establish manufacturing gathering points in China to supply goods due to the continuous improvement of local requirements, cultural integration purchases, and low costs. Required by local automotive component manufacturers.

Cable plug classification:

Wired aviation connector

The power socket with the wire aviation connector is immediately welded to the printed circuit. The power connector and the ribbon cable are connected by puncture, which can be done at one time. The touch is reliable and easy to use. It is suitable for the connection of the power circuit of the instrument and equipment.

Round corded cable connector

Most of the power connectors and power sockets of circular aviation plugs are connected by bolts. The terminal blocks can vary from 2 to more than one hundred. It has the characteristics of small size and high reliability. You can consider the middle cable of electronic products. Must be wired.

Rectangular corded cable connector

The power connector and power sockets in the rectangular aviation connector are connected by external threaded guide rods and have clamping devices. The key is to protect the grounding of electronic products, intelligent instrument equipment and electronic device control systems.

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