Connector M12, M8 selection reference standard

Connector M12, Connector M8 selection reference standard

1.Select the sensor connector model according to the measurement object and measurement environment

To carry out a specific measurement work, we must first consider what kind of sensor connector principle to use, which can only be determined after analyzing many factors. Because, even if it is measuring the same physical quantity, there are multiple sensor connectors available for selection.

Which principle M8 or M12 sensor connector is more suitable, you need to consider the following specific issues according to the characteristics of the measured and the use conditions of the sensor connector: the size of the range, the requirement of the measured position on the volume of the sensor connector, and the measurement method Contact type or non-contact type, signal extraction method, wired or non-contact measurement, source of connector domestic or imported, whether the price is affordable, etc. After considering the above issues, we can determine which type of sensor connector to use, and then consider the specific performance indicators of the sensor connector.

2.Accuracy consideration of sensor connector

Accuracy is an important performance index of the sensor connector, and it is an important link related to the measurement accuracy of the entire measurement system. The higher the accuracy of the sensor connector, the more expensive it is. Therefore, the accuracy of the sensor connector only needs to meet the accuracy requirements of the entire measurement system, and it is not necessary to choose too high.

If the measurement purpose is for qualitative analysis, select a sensor connector with high repeatability accuracy. It is not advisable to use a high absolute value accuracy; if it is for quantitative analysis, accurate measurement values ​​must be obtained, and the accuracy level must be selected to meet the requirements. Connector.

3.Linear range of sensor connector

The linear range of the sensor connector refers to the range where the output is proportional to the input. In theory, the sensitivity remains constant within this range. The wider the linear range of the sensor connector, the larger the measuring range, and a certain measurement accuracy can be guaranteed. When selecting a sensor connector, when the type of sensor connector is determined, first see whether its range meets the requirements.

But in fact, no sensor connector can guarantee absolute linearity, and its linearity is also relative. When the required measurement accuracy is relatively low, within a certain range, the sensor connector with less nonlinear error can be approximately regarded as linear, which will bring great convenience to the measurement.



4.Sensitivity consideration of sensor connector

Generally, within the linear range of the sensor connector, it is hoped that the higher the sensitivity of the sensor connector, the better. Because only when the sensitivity is high, the output signal value corresponding to the measured change is relatively large, which is conducive to signal processing. However, it should be noted that the sensitivity of the sensor connector is high, and external noise that is not related to the measurement is also easy to mix in, and it will also be amplified by the amplification system, which affects the measurement accuracy. Therefore, it is required that the sensor connector itself should have a high signal-to-noise ratio, and try to reduce the factory interference signal introduced from the outside.

The sensitivity of the sensor connector is directional. When the measurement is a single vector, and its directionality is higher, you should choose a sensor connector with less sensitivity in other directions; if the measurement is a multi-dimensional vector, the sensor is required to connect The cross sensitivity of the filter is as small as possible.

5.Consideration of the stability of the sensor connector

The ability of a sensor connector to remain unchanged after a period of use is called stability. In addition to its structure, the factors that affect the long-term stability of the sensor connector are mainly the use environment of the sensor connector. Therefore, to make the sensor connector have good stability, the sensor connector must have strong environmental adaptability.

Before selecting a sensor connector, investigate its use environment, and select the appropriate sensor connector according to the specific use environment, or take appropriate measures to reduce the impact of the environment. The stability of the sensor connector has a quantitative index. After the use period has expired, it should be re-calibrated before use to determine whether the performance of the sensor connector has changed.

In some occasions that require the sensor connector to be used for a long time but cannot be easily replaced or calibrated, the stability of the selected sensor connector is more stringent and must be able to withstand the test for a long time.

6.Frequency response characteristics of sensor connector

The frequency response characteristic determines the frequency range to be measured, and the measurement conditions must be kept undistorted within the allowable frequency range. In fact, the response of the sensor connector always has a fixed delay, and it is hoped that the delay time is as short as possible.

The frequency response of the sensor connector is high, and the measurable signal frequency range is wide. Due to the influence of the structural characteristics, the inertia of the mechanical system is larger, and the frequency of the measurable signal is lower due to the low-frequency connector. In dynamic measurement, the response characteristics should be based on the characteristics of the signal (steady state, transient state, random, etc.) to avoid excessive errors.

The difference between M12 and M8 connectors is in common

The difference between M12 and M8 connectors

The thread of the M12 connector is M12*1, the connection method is screw connection, the enclosure protection grade is IP67, the number of needles is 4, 5, and 8, the number of holes is 4, 5, and 8, and the product has a straight head. ,elbow. M12 connectors are available with and without cables. The cables can be made of PVC (ordinary) or PUR (oil resistant and wear resistant)). The length of the cable can be customized according to user requirements. This connector has shielding and non-shielding functions. Good waterproof performance.

The thread of the M8 connector is M8*1, the connection method is screw connection, the protection level is IP67, the number of needles is 3 needles, 4 needles, the number of holes is 3 holes, 4 holes, there are straight, elbow, and there are cables and not With cable. The M8 connector cable can be made of PVC (ordinary) or PUR (oil-resistant and wear-resistant) materials. The length of the cable can be customized according to user requirements, and the waterproof performance is superior.

What M12 and M8 connectors have in common

M12 and M8 connectors

M12 and M8 connectors


Connectors can improve the production process, simplify the assembly process of electronic products, and also simplify the mass production process;

Easy to repair, if an electronic component fails, the failed component can be quickly replaced when the connector is installed;

Easy to upgrade. With the advancement of technology, components can be updated when connectors are installed, and new and more complete components can be used to replace the old ones;

Improve design flexibility. When using connectors, engineers have greater flexibility when designing and integrating new products and when composing a system with components.

M12 and M8 connectors (aviation plugs) application areas: M12 connectors (aviation plugs) and M8 connectors (aviation plugs) are widely used in sensors, testing instruments, electronic instrumentation, electronic machinery, communications, aviation, navigation, computers, LED, automobile, construction machinery. Electromechanical, petroleum surveying, transmission control systems, electrical and electrical systems, industrial automation and other fields.

M8 connector compliant with EIA/TIA standard

M8 connector compliant with EIA/TIA standard

According to the EIA/TIA standard, the M8 connector corresponds to the transmission technical conditions of the category 5 modular socket. The use of D-code can prevent it from erroneous connection with A-code (used for sensor and brake wiring) and B-code (used for some fieldbuses).

There was no type of M8 connector that could be used for printed circuit boards before, until the round M8 connector with surface mount termination was born. Surface mount terminations contribute to the miniaturization of field devices. The sturdy pins allow it to pass through batch packaging and the corresponding feeding process using a vibrating bowl. Another packaging method is tape and reel packaging.



The basic modular design concept creates connectors with various installation heights and different pin types. Based on the needs of users, the termination methods provided include surface mount, crimp or through-hole reflow technology, and surface mount technology is the standard. The black insulator of the connector is made of high-temperature plastic, so there is no problem in all conventional surface mount soldering procedures.

In the past, the controller in the switch cabinet used I/O cards to drive field devices; now, industrial automation tends to be a distributed system, and field brakes and sensors are often connected to a passive or fieldbus-capable I/O box. In order to provide solutions for multiple applications at the lowest cost, specific field devices require high-level modular flexible connector solutions. To this end, the various printed circuit board types of circular M8 connectors are supplemented by a cable system. Different model shapes, pin numbers, cable quality and length help to achieve cost-effective and customized automation solutions.

What is M8 sensor connector?

What is M8 sensor connector?

The M8 connector is dedicated to industrial sensors and is equipped with a waterproof 3-pin screw. M8 connector is waterproof, oil-resistant, cold-resistant, stable performance, efficient and fast connection, and is widely used in photoelectric switches, proximity switches, sensors and various industrial wiring systems.

The M8 connector is also known as the sensor connector. It is divided into cables with and without cables. The outlets are 4-6 and 6-10. The cable lengths with cables are 1 meter, 2 meters, 5 meters and 10 meters.

m8-connector application

m8-connector application

M8 connector has pin type and hole type, screw connection, shell protection grade IP67, and also divided into straight and elbow

M8 connectors have been widely used in outdoor light boxes, construction machinery, steel production equipment, power equipment, mining machinery, ship machinery, automotive equipment, production automatic equipment, temperature sensors, hydraulic machine tools, sensors, solenoid valves, instrumentation, pressure transmission Etc.



The M8 cable connector is easy to install and complies with DIN EN 61076-2-104. The protection level is IP65/67. There are 360° shielded unshielded and shielded versions. The diaphragm spring and shielding ring ensure reliable EMC shielding. The rated current is 1A to 4A, and the rated voltage is 30V to 60V, depending on the number of contacts. There are solder and screw terminals. Flange connectors have welded and dip welded connections or stranded wires.

How to choose a circular connector? What are the selection criteria for circular connectors?

How to choose a circular connector? What are the selection criteria for circular connectors?

1. Circular connector bayonet type: When choosing a circular connector, pay attention to choosing a suitable and matching bayonet type, mainly including 1/4 fast bayonet connection, plug-in connection, latch connection, fast Plug-in connection, threaded connection, zipper connection, etc.;

2. Connection mode of circular connector: crimp connection, welding connection, nut locking connection, cast cable, etc.;

3. Right-angle and angled round aviation plugs;

4. Needle circular aerial plug and pinhole circular aerial plug;

5. Does the circular connector have shielding performance: The circular aerial plugs used in different environments have different shielding requirements. Some connector manufacturers that provide personalized customization services will have industrial connectors with different shielding effects according to customer needs. Such as the 360°shielded imported circular connector of German Binde.



6. Hole positions and models of circular connectors: When purchasing circular connectors, in addition to considering conventional connector standards, such as M8 and M12 connectors, it is also necessary to check whether the hole position diagram of the connector meets the standard.

7. Selection of the number of cores of the circular connector;

8. Manufacturers of circular connectors: The quality of industrial aviation plugs is mainly reflected in the internal materials, structure, workmanship, etc. These characteristics are often impossible to judge externally, so when purchasing circular connectors, the first consideration should be given A well-known, well-known, well-known connector manufacturer with deep industry technology, such as the German Binde connector has senior connector industry experience and technology, adopts high standards in Germany and Europe, and is one of the leaders in the circular connector industry one;

9. Is it possible to provide circular connector customization services: Some industries require special connector standards, which may not be available on the market. At this time, you should choose a circular connector manufacturer that can perform personalized customization.