Heavy Duty Connector

Heavy-duty connectors are designed for modular production pre-wiring and to meet demanding environmental conditions. Applications include rail transit, industrial automation, and equipment manufacturing. Compared to traditional wiring methods, the use of heavy-duty connectors reduces field wiring after equipment or vehicles leave the production floor, increases productivity, and reduces the quality risk of field wiring.
The heavy-duty connectors including pneumatic modules, high-current modules, electromagnetic shielding modules and D-Sub modules not only enables fast connection between modular devices, but also ensures signal and power transmission. For mechanical equipment manufacturers, not only can a safe and reliable connection be obtained, but also installation time can be saved and overall production costs can be reduced. For the users of the terminal, they can install the operating equipment freely without the guidance of a professional, and the maintenance becomes simple. This not only increases the effectiveness and utility of the mechanical equipment, but also reduces installation time and reduces equipment maintenance time.

  • Cable Connector
    Nylon or brass nickel plating
    Universal cable joint
    Hose cable coupling
    EMC cable joint
    Other cable joint
  • Upper shell
    Standard or high structure
    Top outlet or side outlet
    2 ears, 4 ears or 2 buckles
  • Male inserts /Female inserts
    Screw connection
    Cold-pressed connection (without pins)
    Shrapnel connection
  • Cold press pin (for inserts for cold-pressed wiring)
    Gold plated or silver plated
    Rated current: 5A, 10A, 16A, 40A, 70A, 100A, 200A, 250A, 350A, 650A
  • Lower shell
    Hole mounting, surface mounting or cable docking
    Standard or high structure
    1 buckle, 2 buckles or 4 ears
    With plastic cover or with metal cover or without cover

In addition to the conventional standard housing, special housings such as high degree of protection (IP68) and electromagnetic shielding housing (EMC) are available.