M8 circular connector

M8 series Connetor with IP67/68 rating, provides with 3、4、5、6、8 contacts, different pin match specific applications.

We supply full series of M8 including M8 field wireable connector, M8 molded cable connector, M8 panel connector, M8 overmoled cables, M8 wire harness and M8 accessories. M8 PVC (general) or PUR (oil resistant) cables available with customized length according to user requirements.

Products Feature

  • M8*1 thread locking mechanism, anti-vibration locking design;
  • Easy quick connect and disconnect coupling;
  • Pin configurations: 3、4、5、6、8 positions;
  • A, B coding available;
  • Shield and un-shield Version Available;
  • Meets IP67/IP68 waterproof requirements;
  • Temperature Range: -25°C ~ + 85°C.

Pricing: $0

M8 Protection Cap Matel Without Chain For Male Connector