Y50 Series Electrical Connector

The Y50 series circular electrical connectors: imperial series, metric series and power series.The British series products are in line with GJB598A (MIL-C-26482), and the metric series products are in line with GJB101A.
Y50 series connectors are applicable to strategic and tactical systems, electronic countermeasures systems, field operation power, communication signal connection systems, aerospace navigation and test and tracking systems, computer systems, postal and railway command systems, imported medical equipment and other electrical and telecommunication signal connections.


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Y50 Series Connectors presentation;
Connector interface, material and specifications;
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  • Bayonet connection with quick connection and quick separation, small size and light weight;
  • The plug has a variety of cable installation forms, namely: cable clamp plate type, simple package type, ground pressure type, anti-wave tension type, elbow line type, cable microphone type and spring line type;
  • The cable outlet is provided with a variety of different sealing rubber retaining sleeves, which can be closely matched with the cable to enhance the rainproof, waterproof, dustproof sealing and tensile properties of the cable and connector plug;
  • The contacts are welded, the housing is shielded and unshielded, and a variety of coatings are available. The sockets are available in general seals and glass sintered seals for different working environments;
  • Small MOQ(minimal order quantity) to help you reduce inventories and avoid market  risks;
  • Accept OEM & ODM order to meet your customized requirement;

Our product range about Y50 Series Connectors include not only spec listed below, and also customized spec made according to our current customers. Kindly contact us to learn more details about it.