MS5015 Connectors

Renhotec provide wide range of MS 5015 Connectors which have similar model and quality with top brands in the world. More competitive and reasonable FACTORY price with many different cable connectors, panel-mounted receptacles for choice.

Rugged, high-performance in harsh environment, industrial and military application .

  • Made according to the MS-C-5015 Standard for industrial application.
  • Thread coupling and bayonet coupling connect technique for high stability and easy connection.
  • Reliable performance with highpower carrying capacity, inherent ruggedness and capacity to withstand extreme harsh environment.
  • Competitive price from factory with Small MOQ(minimal order quantity) to help you reduce inventories and avoid market risks;
  • Accept OEM & ODM order to meet your customized requirement;

General Specification

Insulation Resistance ≧5000MΩ
Normal Temperature 25°C
Ambient Temperature -55°C – 125°C
Relative humidity 95+ -4% at 40°C
Frequency 10~2000 Hz147 m/s²
Shock 490 m/s²
Withstanding voltage 2000V
Service Life/Durability ≧500 Insertation and Extraction
Dielectric Strength 2KV
Working Voltage AC 500V  DC 700V

Contact Specification

Contact Number Contact Diameter
Rated Current


Contact Resistance
Number Welding Diameter


Test Current


Permitted Pressure Drop


16# Φ1.7 Φ1.6 13A 20A 21mv
12# Φ2.8 Φ2.4 23A 35A 20mv
8# Φ5.3 Φ3.6 46A 60A 12mv
4# Φ8 Φ5.7 80A 110A 10mv
0# Φ11.8 Φ9.1 150A 200A 10mv
Lead Wire Size Contact Insertation 
& Extraction Force (kg)
AWG Wire Lead Wire Size
External Diameter


Maximum Average Minimum
22# – 16# 1.3mm² Max Φ1.7 – 3.3 1.36 0.96 0.11
14# – 12# 3.5mm² Max Φ2.9 – 4.3 2.26 1.58 0.22
10# – 8# 8.0mm² Max Φ4.2 – 6.4 4.53 3.17 0.34
6# – 4# 22mm² Max Φ7.0 – 9.4 6.80 4.76 0.45
2# – 0# 50mm² Max Φ10.6 – 14 9.97 6.35 0.90
Material & Finish
Parts Material Finish
Shell Aluminum Alloy/Brass/Stainless Steel Electrophoresis Army green cadmium/
galvanization(White)/ passivation
Terminals/Contacts Brass Gold/Silver Plated
Insulator Synthetic Rubber/Bakelite
Processing Technology
Aluminum Alloy die-casting
Copper alloy  turning operation
Stainless steel  turning operation
Production Flow
Raw Material → Die Casting/Turning Operation → Surface Treatment → Assembly

Renhotec’s MS 5015 Connectors are ideal for automation and many industrial applications, mainly include the following aspects:

  • Sensor and Actuators of Automation Industry;
  • Communication, Aviation and Navigation;
  • mechanical Industry;
  • Automobile Manufacture;
  • Electronic Instruments;
  • Industrial Computer;
  • Outdoor LED Lighting;
  • Engineering Machinery;
  • Oil Exploration;

Our product range about MS 5015  Connectors include not only spec listed below, and also customized spec made according to our current customers. Kindly contact us to learn more details about it.