Install Front Mount M12 PG9 Socket

The install front mount M12 PG9 socket is suitable for application in generally no more than 85 degrees Celsius. If the temperature of the lighter is thousands of degrees, the conventional aviation connector must not be able to bear it.

However, the install front mount M12 PG9 socket uses the thermoplastic crown polycarbonate PC, which is a low-voltage aviation plug. Its impact resistance and flexibility can be used in a long-term application in a natural environment of -60 to 120 degrees. Between 130-140 degree. Fireproof materials increase the service life of aviation plugs to a certain level, improve the load working capacity and avoid electrical fires caused by poor contact, and consider the safety of home furnishings and work.

In the case of installing front mount M12 PG9 socket, the pins can only be extended with a certain amount of force, and it is easier to pull out. It can be seen that the insertion of the connector is wider than the extraction. Therefore, the mutual influence of the two forces of insertion and extraction can easily cause damage to the connector. If you want to reduce damage, there are many ways to try:

1. It can increase the strength of the gold-plated layer on the touch surface, so as to reduce friction reasonably.
2. The surface can be electroplated with nickel and then plated with gold, which will cause less friction than immediately plating on copper. The thicker the nickel layer, the stronger the wear resistance of the gold-plated layer.
3. The smoother the surface, that is, the lower the surface roughness, the smaller the sliding friction.
4. Pay attention to the maintenance of the connector during the normal application of the connector to prevent the connector from being damaged by human factors.

Materials Regulations for front mount M12 PG9 socket

When the power plug is plugged in, and when the power switch of the aviation plug is turned on, fire occurs, that is, the ignition condition commonly referred to by everyone, which is called arc flash in the technical profession. The embrittlement of install front mount M12 PG9 socket, the momentary short-circuit fault, and the reduction of grounding resistance are all the key reasons for the fire accident of household appliances.

Therefore, from the perspective of the country’s formulation of specifications for raw materials and product design, relative regulations must be met for the raw materials of each position of the product. The specification stipulates that the flame retardation of the plastic material in direct contact with the conductive member is higher than that of the plastic material of front mount M12 PG9 socket. Only in this way can it be ensured that the commodity raw materials can withstand ignition and arc flash.

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