Sensor M12 4pin Male Female Receptacle

The sensor M12 4in receptacle is used in industrial electrical and aviation projects. Its main function is to ensure reliable connections between electrical appliances and signal transmission, it is a very important part of the project.

Advantages of using sensor M12 4-pin socket

  1. Improve product coordination performance: When technical engineers are developing new product integration or design schemes, the sensor M12 4-pin socket is used as the component to form the system software, which can give the product a very good coordination ability.
  2. Improve productivity: The application of circular connectors can help reduce the installation steps of electronic device products, which not only improves the efficiency of production and manufacturing for the company, but also reduces labor costs.
  3. Convenient maintenance: If the connected electronic components are invalid, if the circular sensor M12 4-pin socket is installed, it is very convenient to replace the invalid components, reducing the inconvenience of maintenance in the middle and later stages.
  4. Convenient upgrade: The current technology development trend is to connect based on the sensor M12 4-pin socket. When the product is upgraded, it can be very convenient to replace the old product with a stronger product.

Note when using sensor M12 4-pin socket

Welding is a very important part. If the welding is not in place, it may cause the net weight of the sensor M12 socket to be welded to be different from that of another aviation plug, or the distance is too large. As a result, during the welding process, the pins of a certain welding piece are deformed due to the different temperature levels, making the welding between the electronic devices unrealistic. This type of situation is sometimes difficult to be found during inspection.
When used by customers, due to the continuous load operation of machinery and equipment, or the application of machinery and equipment in the natural environment is more extreme, the temperature changes strongly. Long-term overload operation under high temperature conditions makes the temperature of the soldering point too high, and the solder wire deforms and melts, which is very easy to cause short-circuit failure.

A more common solution to this problem is to increase the frequency of the centrifugal fan of the reflow oven appropriately to accelerate the welding rate of the sensor M12 4-pin socket, thereby reducing the probability of pin deformation of the sensor M12 4-pin socket. However, you must pay attention to the temperature control when using this method, and always pay attention to the temperature change. It is not necessary to let the temperature of the sensor M12 4-pin socket rise too fast. The maximum value should be flexibly adjusted according to the welding equipment and the size of the pins.

I believe everyone must have a deeper understanding of the sensor M12 4-pin socket now. Shenzhen Renhotec Group, specializes in aviation plugs, waterproof connectors, sensor connectors, cable connectors, cable sockets, automotive wiring harnesses, round connectors, and waterproof sockets with good quality and good price, welcome to call for consultation and cooperation.


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