M12 and M8 connectors

How does the m5 m8 m12 connectors and cables waterproof?


How does m5 m8 m12 connectors and cables waterproofing?

Need the m5 m8 m12 connectors and cables waterproofing, We must to   analyse  the connector and wire.

M5,M8,M12 connectors to waterproof, the first solution to the connector structure waterproof.Generally speaking, the waterproof structure of the circular connector is usually built with a circular plastic washer at one end of the connector. When the connector is inserted, the built-in plastic washer is squeezed to ensure the waterproof effect of the connector insertion position.But that alone will only get you up to IP67.How do we need to achieve the waterproof level of IP68 when the connector is inserted and fitted? This requires special structural design, which will not be discussed here.

4 Pin M8 Connector Female Plug Straight Screw-joint Unshielded

If the M5, M8, and M12 connectors are waterproof without being plugged in, how should they be designed?
In this case the splitter end (mounted on the device) and the wire end (detached from the device and used to plug in the device).Actually board end and line end are waterproof with same kind of method, use dustproof cover namely.It’s just a waterproof plastic gasket built into the dust cap.The waterproof principle is the same as that when the plug and socket are plugged, it is through squeezing the waterproof washer, so as to achieve the purpose of waterproof.


The waterproof principle of the M5 M8 M12 connector has been said, so how to make the connection line waterproof?
If the M5 M8 M12 connector is waterproof, the M5 M8 M12 connector must be injection molded, so that the connector and the connector can be tightly combined.If the plastic assembly and metal assembly, the tail will have gaps, not waterproof effect.


M5, M8 and M12 injection molding type connection line can generally reach the waterproof IP67 or so, if the waterproof level to reach IP68, according to different wire, use different injection material formula, make the injection molding compound and wire completely integrated, in order to achieve the waterproof LEVEL of IP68.

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