Where can the front fastened threaded M12 connector be used?

What is the application of the front fastened threaded M12 connector?

The front fastened threaded M12 connector is widely used in electric forklifts, golf carts, sightseeing cars, electric tourist boats, electric scrubbers, mine anti-electric locomotives, UPS power supplies, power engineering communication railway line system software, etc.

Design and application of front fastened threaded M12 connector:

  1. Front fastened threadedM12 connector with thermal insulation components
  2. Front fastened threadedM12 connectorfor PCB
  3. The universal front fastened threadedM12 connector used to connect drag chain cables to components in many structures
  4. The front fastened threadedM12 connector forcombined switch.

The function of the front fastened threaded M12 connector is strong, which ensures the normal operation and driving safety of the car during the whole driving process. So how to standardize the design of automotive connectors to ensure the normal and safe operation of all of them?

First of all, the temperature of the magnetic induction of the electrode connecting wire must be considered in all aspects. Not only must the thermal shock of the great kinetic energy released by the car itself be considered, but also sufficient consideration should be given to whether the car body will be harmed under the change of the environmental temperature difference. Performance and safety.

Secondly, the design specifications and elements ensure the safety of the vehicle. The first thing to consider is the reliability and safety factor of the raw materials for manufacturing and design. The purchase and application of raw materials need to be carefully selected to ensure the stable performance of automotive connectors.

Thirdly, combining the working voltage of vehicle vibration and power engineering, so that the front-end locking screw connection M12 connector can be safe and reliable during driving.

Finally, ensure the maintenance force of the front-end locking screw connection M12 connector. For the application of the high horsepower of the car, there must be a certain amount of external force to ensure the safety of the car connector.

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