How to manufacture the aviation plug connectors and control the quality of connector soldering

Most of the switches of good quality aviation plugs are made of advanced materials such as bulletproof rubber. The fire performance, moisture resistance and impact resistance are high, and the surface is smooth. When purchasing, you should consider the feel of your own touch,determine the material of the switch by hand and ask the dealer.

Waterproof Industrial Connectors

In general, products with a surface that is not too smooth and that feels thin and brittle are unreliable. A good switch socket panel requires no air bubbles, no scratches, and no smudging. The touch of the switch is light and not tight, and the socket of the socket needs to be equipped with a protective door. The plug should be inserted and removed with a certain force and cannot be inserted in one foot.

An air plug is a receptacle that has one or more circuit connections that can be plugged in, allowing it to be plugged into various lines for easy connection to other circuits. In our daily life, the power socket is commonly used. The power socket is an electrical device that provides a power interface for household appliances. It is also an electrical accessory used in residential electrical design. It has a close relationship with people’s lives. How to choose a safe power outlet is very important. Low-quality power sockets often cause personal electric shocks and electrical fire accidents, which poses a major hidden danger to personal and property safety. Therefore, the design of the power outlet is also an important basis for evaluating residential electrical design.

In the traditional production process of connectors, the soldering type is a relatively common method. The connector produced by this method is often used in places where the heat is small. This device requires a relatively small current in the part, if the current is too Large, the temperature will exceed the bearing range of the solder joint, so that the solder melts and deforms, the connection is not real or the structure is deformed, which easily causes the circuit to be short-circuited, causing damage to the entire system equipment. Reduced system stability. In addition to the processing methods, the temperature causes the cause of the de-soldering, in the production process, there are some improper handling places that will cause the phenomenon of connector de-soldering.

The most common case is that the soldered connector is not the same weight as the other connector, or the difference is too large. In the welding process, the pins of a welded part will be deformed due to the different degrees of temperature, which will cause the welding between the components to be untrue. This situation is sometimes not found during the test, only to the user. When it is used, because the equipment needs continuous high-load operation, or the equipment is in a harsh environment, the temperature changes drastically, and it runs at full load for a long time under high temperature conditions. This causes the temperature of the solder joint to be too large, and the solder deformation melts. It is easy to cause a short circuit. A more common solution to this problem is to increase the frequency of the reflow soldering fan appropriately and speed up the soldering of the connector, so that the probability of deformation of the connector pins can be reduced. However, when using this method, you must pay attention to the setting of the furnace temperature. Always pay attention to the temperature change of the furnace temperature. Do not let the temperature of the connector rise too fast. The peak value should be adjusted according to the size of the equipment and the size of the stitch. If it is the processing of the pin of the card seat, you can ask the supplier first. At the time of production, the method of cutting and re-plating is used first, or the method of electroplating and cutting first. If it is the former, the effect of tin processing will be good at this time. More. If the latter also has a solution, you can start by adding a tin amount and put a layer of steel plate sticker next to the hole, so that you can ensure that it is not welded or leaked.

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