How much do you know about the type of aviation plug

We all know that the main function of the aviation plug is the connection. What we see is only the result of the aviation plug, but we have not found its role in the connection process. Here Renhotec Electronics would like to introduce some types aviation connectors, let us know more details about them.

HDMI aviation plug: This kind of aviation plug is widely used in set-top boxes, computers, televisions and other household appliances.

IEEE aviation Plugs: There are many applications for such aviation plug, such as digital video cameras, printers, scanners, etc. As an open standard for data transmission, IEEE-1394 technology is the most widely used in digital imaging. Coupled with the rising global sales of SLR cameras, the IEEE aviation plug market is bright.

FPC/FFC aviation plugs: These air plugs are small in size and highly flexible, so they are used more in home appliances and office equipment. With the popularity of the 3G market and the prosperity of the mobile phone industry, FPC/FFC aviation plugs can occupy a world in the field of mobile phones. In addition, its use has expanded to industrial areas, medical equipment, etc., making the industry grow at a rate of around 9% per year.

Fiber optic aviation plugs: As the name implies, they are used in the field of optical fiber, and they are ups and downs in the connected communication market. At present, the competitiveness is relatively large, but fortunately, the demand is increasing, however the price may be lowered.

DisplayPort aviation plugs: It is widely used in the computer industry and supported by major manufacturers of computers and components all over the world. It has DisplayPort interfaces on monitors and notebooks, and its export volume is also high.

The above is a part of the aviation plug. There are many applications of aviation plugs in our lives.  You can study some books or online to understand if interested in.

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