How to design the safety of the aviation plug connector

There are different use of the aviation plug converter, and various situations . Here let Renhotec  introduce you more details:

The aviation plug converter will not cause a key safety indicator for electric shock accidents of users and others under normal use conditions and even unexpected situations. When the plug and the socket are fully or partially inserted, the live part of the plug shall not be accessible; any plug of the plug shall not be able to be inserted into the live socket of the socket when the other pins are in an accessible state. Plugs and sockets with protective doors and converters should prevent insertion of probes.

To ensure adequate contact pressure on the plug pins. The insert sleeve should be corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant to ensure good contact between the plug and the socket; the plug pin should be locked and cannot be rotated, otherwise the insertion performance and unsafe factors will be affected; the converter has a cord fixing device to ensure The cord is fixed and can withstand normal tension and torque; when the plug and socket are inserted, the mating surfaces should be basically tight to prevent electric shock.

An aviation plug is a seat that has one or more circuit connections that can be plugged in, allowing it to be plugged into various wires for easy connection to other circuits. In our daily life, the power socket is commonly used. The power socket is the electrical equipment that provides the power interface for the household appliances. It is also the electrical accessory used in the residential electrical design. It has a very close relationship with people’s lives. How to choose a safe power outlet is very important. Low-quality power sockets often cause personal electric shocks and electrical fire accidents, which poses a major hidden danger to personal and property safety.

Aviation plugs pay special attention to some details while purchasing good quality sockets. For example, when purchasing a household outlet, it is best to choose a functional new socket that prevents children from getting an electric shock. The socket hole preferably has a design to prevent children from inserting small metal objects such as fingers or hairpins. At the same time, parents should pay attention to the problems of household appliances aging, socket aging, etc. If there are bare wires and leakage sockets in the home, they must be replaced immediately, or wrapped with insulating tape. In addition, the socket and terminal block should be placed behind the sofa and table as much as possible.

The poor quality of the aviation plug changer is an important cause of electrical fires. The quality problems of small plugs, sockets and converters will pose serious harm to the personal and property safety of consumers. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the safety of products when purchasing plugs, sockets, converters and switches.

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