Electromagnetic Interference Requirements for M12 Sensor Connector

In modern electrical and electronic equipment, the density of the M12 Sensor Connector

contacts and the increasing functionality between them imposes severe restrictions on the electromagnetic interference of the M12 sensor connector.

Through long-term use in the market, M12 sensor connector is often finished with a metal casing, which can prevent internal electromagnetic energy radiation or interference from external electromagnetic fields. Or solve the preliminary interference by connecting the shield mesh through the rear shield ring of the M12 sensor connector. At low frequencies, only magnetic materials can significantly shield the magnetic field. At this time, there is a certain regulation on the electrical continuity of the metal casing, that is, the casing contact resistance is limited to a certain range.

At present, with the development of science, the image should be clearer, and the noise should achieve the best effect. A filter is added inside M12 sensor connector, that is, the filter line is connected with the ground to meet the technical requirements.

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