How to choose industrial waterproof connector (2)?

This article lets us continue to learn the selection of waterproof connectors:

5, According to mechanical properties

What kind of coverage area and volume is effective for industrial waterproof connectors? What size tolerance does the connector allow? What are the terminal pull-out and insertion force requirements? How many times does the industrial waterproof connector allow for plugging (lifetime)? These various mechanical problems should be considered when we choose.

6, According to price selection

Many users use price as an important selection basis in industrial waterproof connectors. Here, you should tell everyone that the price can only be the last factor to consider when selecting. Everyone needs to understand that the industrial waterproof connector is determined by many factors such as its quality and performance. If two connectors of the same type and type have a very low price and a high price, it is strongly recommended that you do not choose a very low price. The connector, because there is no manufacturer’s principle, the 50-inch industrial waterproof connector is sold to you at 40 (unless the industrial waterproof connector is not worth 50 yuan).

7, The choice of manufacturers is also very important

Why is it important for manufacturers to choose industrial waterproof connectors? First of all, because RENHOTEC Technology, as an industrial waterproof connector manufacturer, has many years of experience in research and development and manufacturing of connectors, the products produced have been used by many users throughout the country, abroad, and all walks of life, the most important of which is The quality of the industrial waterproof connector of RENHOTEC Technology is excellent and the service is satisfactory to the users.

I believe that everyone must have a deeper understanding of the waterproof connector, Shenzhen RENHOTEC Technology Electronics Co., Ltd., specializing in waterproof connectors, sensor connectors, cable connectors, with cable sockets, automotive wiring harness, circular connectors, aviation plugs , waterproof socket, water level water temperature sensor, etc., the quality is guaranteed, please call to consult cooperation.

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