Analysis of Current Status of Military Aviation Connector Standards in China

The General Situation of China’s Military Aviation Connector Standards China’s military aviation connector standards can be divided into two categories according to system:the Russian system standard and the US military standard system. According to the level, it can be divided into three types: national military standards, industry standards and enterprise standards.

The Russian system standard refers to the standard of electrical connectors established by China during the imitation of a Russian electrical connector .

Due to specific historical reasons, Russian system standards is rarely appeared in the form of national standard (GB), national military standard (GJB), navigation mark (HB), electronic standard (si), but each product has enterprise technical conditions.

In the 1980s and 1990s, China transformed a large number of electrical connector standards in the U.S. military standards. And formulated the standard of the US military standard system. In order to be in line with international standards, most of the standards are converted using equivalent methods. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2001, there were 264 standards for electrical connectors in the US military standard system, among which there were 49 standards closely related to the aviation industry.

China’s military aviation connector manufacturing enterprises consist of four industry sectors: the electronics industry, the aviation industry, the aerospace industry, and the local military industry. In addition to the local military groups, all industries have their own electrical connector standards within the industry, but the number is small; relatively speaking, the national military electrical connector standard (GJB) even more than the industry standard; overall, most standards are in the form of corporate standards, and even industry standards are specific detailed specifications for products. General specifications are generally regulated by national military standards. In China, electrical connector standards are based on corporate standards. Even if national military standards have been issued, companies need to compile their own product technical conditions when organizing production, this results in a large number of corporate standards.

In addition, the military aerospace connector only refers to the connector used in the aerospace field. As for the standard used for electrical connectors, most of them are not specific. The product standards used in military aviation connectors originate from national military standards, aerospace, are basically same using for the standards ships, weapons, and electronics. Therefore, the general situation of China’s military aviation connector standards also basically reflects the outline of China’s military electrical connector standards.

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