What are the benefits of using metal plating for aviation plugs?

There are many advantages to using metal plating on aviation plugs, the most important of which is to prevent external factors such as contamination, diffusion of substrate metal, and contact wear.

The plating used in aviation plugs is divided into two types:

1. Characteristics of the use of aerospace plugs for precious metal plating: To varying degrees, precious metal coatings (such as gold, palladium and their alloys) are essentially free of surface film. The metal contact that creates the interface for these coatings is relatively simple because it only requires movement of the accompanying surfaces of the contact surfaces during mating. Usually this is easy to implement. In order to maintain the stability of the contact interface impedance, the aviation plug design requires attention to maintain the precious metal coating on the contact surface.

2, the use of aviation plugs ordinary metal plating features: ordinary metal coatings, especially tin or tin alloys, the performance is naturally covered with an oxide film. The role of the tin contact coating is because the oxide is easily destroyed during the bonding, so that the metal contact is easily established. The need for an aviation plug design is to ensure that the oxide film breaks when the connector is mated, while ensuring that the contact interface is no longer oxidized during the life of the aviation plug.

Reoxidation corrosion, in wear and corrosion, is the main performance degradation mechanism of tin contact coating. The silver plug silver contact plating is preferably treated as a common metal coating because the coating is susceptible to corrosion by sulfides and chlorides. The nickel plating is usually regarded as a common metal because of the formation of the gas valve.

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