Reasons for the failure of gold plating in aviation plug holes

What is the reason for the non-gold plating in the air plug hole? In the following, Renhotec Electronics Engineer will analyze the reasons for you. When the aviation connector pin or socket gold plating process is completed, and the thickness of the outer surface of the plated part reaches or exceeds the specified thickness value, the plating of inner hole is thin or even has no gold layer.

  1. Platingparts are inserted into each other when gold plating

In order to ensure that the jack connector have certain flexibility when they are mating, most kinds of jacks are designed with a groove at the mouth. In the electroplating process, the plating parts are constantly turned, and some of the jacks are inserted into each other at the opening, so that the power lines of the plug-in parts are shielded from each other and the plating in the holes is difficult.

  1. Plating parts are connected end to end during gold plating

Some pins of aviation plugs are designed with the outer diameter of their pins slightly smaller than the hole size of the wire holes. During the plating process, some pins will be connected end-to-end to cause the inside of the wire holes to be plated without gold.

  1. The density of the blind hole is higher than that of the electroplating process.

Since the bottom of the tongue and groove of the socket is still a certain distance from the bottom of the hole, this distance objectively forms a blind hole. Similarly, there is a blind hole in the wire hole of the pin and the jack, which is to provide wire welding. The guiding effect is that when the pore diameter of these pores is small (usually less than 1 mm or even less than 0.5 mm), the concentration of blind pores exceeds the pore diameter, it is difficult for the plating solution to flow into the pores, and the gold plating solution flowing into the pores is difficult to achieve. Outflow, so the quality of gold in the mouth is difficult to guarantee.

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