GX16 Connector Data Sheet


Aviation plug and socket connectors, as the name suggests, refer to connector components used in the aerospace industry and are generic names for connectors in the industry. In the aerospace field, there are countless connectors for power transmission and signal transmission, and the product range is extremely wide. Therefore, the aviation plug and socket does not refer to a type of plug and socket.

The connectors used by the different connector manufacturers for aviation are also distinguished. Such as Amphenol AISG, Binder M12, M16, Wei Pu and so on. Therefore, in this course, we mainly recognize the GX series in aviation plugs and sockets.

二.  Application

The GX series is suitable for electrical connection between instrumentation equipment and electronic equipment, interconnection between wires and cables, or wall partition connection. GX series threaded connection, stable electrical conductivity, and a certain degree of waterproof function, safe and reliable, first applied to the aviation field to meet the moving or vibration environment requirements. With the development of production technology and the reduction of costs, the civilian sector has begun to apply universally. Is now widely used in aviation, navigation, computer, communications, petroleum exploration, navigation, anti-theft devices, transportation, machinery and electronics and other fields.

三.Product Appearance

There are three types of GX series appearances:

  1. Plug Appearance  (Female Plug with Pole ), including straight and right angle plug

  1. Socket Appearance (Male Socket with Pin), including circular round type, flange type

Circular round type-back mount

Circular round type-front mount

Flange type-3 hole flange

Flange type-4 hole flange

  1. Docking Type Appearance(Male Plug with Pin)




Connection Diagram:

 A.Standard Type

B.Docking Type


 C.Reverse Type

四.Product Categories

The GX series has different models according to the size of the Panel Opening. The common products are GX12, GX16, GX20, GX25, GX30, GX35, GX40, etc. They are same appearance but different dimensions .

GX12 Connector with 12mm thread , Pin Contacts : 2Pin,3Pin,4Pin, 5Pin,6Pin,7Pin

GX16 Connector with 16mm thread , Pin Contacts : 2Pin,3Pin,4Pin, 5Pin,6Pin,7Pin,8Pin,9Pin,10Pin

GX19/GX20 Connector with 19mm thread , Pin Contacts : 2Pin,3Pin,4Pin, 5Pin,6Pin,7Pin,8Pin,9Pin,10Pin,11Pin,12Pin

GX25 Connector with 25mm thread , Pin Contacts : 2Pin,3Pin,4Pin, 5Pin,6Pin,7Pin,8Pin,9Pin,10Pin,11Pin,12Pin

GX30 Connector with 30mm thread , Pin Contacts : 2Pin,3Pin,4Pin, 5Pin,6Pin,7Pin,8Pin,9Pin,10Pin,12Pin,14Pin

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