How are commonly used electronic connectors classified?

Electronic connectors are widely used in many industries, including some popular industries such as: computer and interface equipment, telecommunications, communication equipment, instruments, video recorders, video players, televisions, game consoles, audio, telephone, vehicles, medical, electronics, military And products produced by industries such as aviation. Divided in different ways, electrical connectors have the following categories:

1. According to the nature of use: external connector (for external chassis), internal connector (for internal chassis).

2. According to the processing method: Crimp Type, crimp type (IDC Type) also known as puncture type, welding type (Solder Type), straddle type (straddle), zero insertion type (ZIF Type), Plug-in type (DIP), plate type (SMT).

3. According to the mode of occupation: wire-to-board connectors, board-to-board connectors, wire-to-wire connectors, sockets, input and output connectors.

4. According to the structure: general connector, moisture-resistant waterproof connector, environmentally friendly connector, airtight connector, fire-resistant connector, water-resistant connector.

5. By gender: male (plug), female (socket).

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