Application of M8 Field Wireable Connector

Under the background of today’s industrial environment, the role of M8 field wireable connectors is becoming more and more important, and according to the long-term application of the sales market, M8 field wireable connectors are usually enclosed with a metal shell, which can block The internal electric energy radiation source may be affected by the external magnetic field. At low frequencies, only permanent magnet materials can significantly shield the electromagnetic field.

At this time, there are certain requirements for the electrical continuity of the plastic casing, that is, the circuit resistance of the casing should be limited to a certain range. At this stage, with the development of science, the image should be clearer, and the noise should achieve the best practical effect. A filter is added inside the M8 field wiring connector to consider the technical standards.

The M8 field wireable connector is composed of a fixed end electrical connector, that is, a female contact (commonly called a power socket), and a free end M8 field wireable connector, that is, a male contact (commonly called a power plug). The power socket is fixed to the power consumption component according to its square (circle) plate (some use welding methods). The power plug is generally connected to the cable, and the power plug and the power socket are connected according to the connection screw cap.

Electrical connectors are widely used, and their development trends at this stage:

  1. The development trend towards miniaturization, high density, high-speed operation and transmission;
  2. Toward the development trend of excellent performance and high frequency technology;
  3. The high-voltage, high-current RF connector requires a very large sales market;
  4. M8 field wireableconnectors are also developing towards anti-interference technology, modular design technology and lead-free technology.

Mechanical life of M8 field wireable connector:

The mechanical life of the M8 field wireable connector refers to the life of the plug-in, and the general requirement is 500 to 1000 times. When the required mechanical life is achieved, the loop resistance, grounding resistance and compression resistance of the M8 field wiring connector should not exceed the required value. Strictly speaking, today’s mechanical life is an ambiguous definition. Mechanical life should be related to time to a certain extent. When it is used up to 500 times in ten years and 500 times in one year, it is obvious that the situation is different. It’s just that there is no more economical development and more scientific way to consider at this stage.

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