YGD 08 Shell 2Pin Cable Bayonet Coupling Socket Solder Cup 4 Hole Flange Plug Solder Straight Male Butt-Joint Female Aluminum Alloy

Part No.: RHT-669-0141

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  • Adopts bayonet connection system, featuring fast connection and fast separation, small size and light weight
  • Contact parts are welded, the shell is shielded and unshielded, and multiple coatings are available
  • Socket has general sealing and glass sintered sealing types to suit different working environments
  • Competitive price from factory with Small MOQ to help you reduce inventories and avoid market risks;
  • Accept OEM & ODM for your customized requirement;

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Electrical Characteristics

  • Relative humidity: 92-98% at 40±2°C
  • Insulation resistance: ≥3000MΩ
  • Contact resistance: 1.5MΩ/3MΩ/5MΩ/7M
  • Rated voltage: 600V
  • Rated current: 3A / 5A / 10A / 25A

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Vibration: vibration frequency is 10Hz-2000Hz, acceleration 196 m/s2
  • Impact: acceleration 980.7 m/s2
  • Collision: 392 m/s2
  • Mechanical life: 500 times

Environmental Characteristics

  • Working temperature: -55 ° C ~ +125 ° C
  • Working pressure: 101.33kPa-1.33Pa
  • Air tightness: ordinary socket: no more than 6 × 10-2 PaL / s
  • Glass sintered socket: no more than 1×10-5 PaL/s


  • Shell: aluminum alloy
  • Insulator: thermoplastic material
  • Contact: copper alloy gold plating/nickel plating