Push-pull High Current Connectors Sockets Square Flange Quick CT34C

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  • Plug termination type is crimping, socket termination type include crimping, copper connection and threaded coupling.
  • Highly reliable spring opening female pin make the connector plug soft and the contact resistance small.
  • Push-pull fast connection.
  • Five types of key positions avoid misplaced.
  • Meet the enterprise standard: Q / 21E1660


Suitable For High Current Transmission Connector, With Interlocking Function.


Applicable to high current transmission of wet, rain environment for electric vehicles.

Main Technical Specification:

Mechanical Performance:
——Shell: Aluminum Alloy with Nickel plating
——Insulator: PBT
——Sealing line part and sealing ring: silicone rubber
——Contact: copper alloy with silver plated
——vibration: frequency 10-200HZ Acceleration: 147m/s²
——Contact: copper alloy with gold plated
——Impact: Acceleration: 490m/s²
——Constant Acceleration: 190m/s²
——Durability: 500times

Environmental Performance:
——Operating temperature:-40℃~+125℃
——Relative humidity: 40 ℃, up to 95%
——Protection Degree: IP67
——Environmental resistance performance: 48 hours

Electrical Performance:
Rated voltage, withstand voltage and insulation resistance

working environment Rated voltage V Withstand voltage V Insulation resistance MΩ
Normal temperature state 1000AC 3000AC ≥5000

Contact resistance and rated current

Contact specification mm Contact resistance MΩ Rated current A Applicable wire mm²
φ10 ≤0.3 200 50

Madel Name: