MS3108A22-2S Angled 3 Contacts Connector for AWG8 Cable

Tags:MS3108A22-2S Connector,Plug,Right Angle,Metal Circular,90 Degree Plug,Size 22,3*8 Solder Socket Contact

  • Meduim to heavy weight cylindrical;
  • Durable,field-proven design;
  • Environmental resistant;
  • Resilient inserts;
  • Operating voltage to 3000 VAC(RMS) at sea level;
  • Threaded couplings

Main Technical Specification:

——Shell: Aluminum alloy, Olive drab chromate
——Contact: Brass with gold plated
——Insulator: Synthetic Rubber

Environmental Performance:
——Temprature Range:  -55°C ~ +125°C

Electrical Performance:
——Insulation resistance: 5,000 Mega ohms minimum (at 25°C)
——Frequency Range: 10-2000Hz/147m/s2
——Voltage Rating: 500VAC 700VDC

Mechanical Performance: 
——Mating Type: threaded coupling
——Termination : Solder
——Durability(mating) ≧ 500 cycles