MIL 38999 Circular Connectors Plug Olive Drab Cadmium Female 13 pin

D38999 26WB35SN

Part No.: 26WB35SN
Tags:JAM Nut Receptacle, 13 Pin, Straight/180°, Circular Connector
Material:Olive Drab Cadmium

  • Highest performance capabilities for both general duty and severe environment applications;
  • Interfacial sealed design for sealing around each contact prevents electrolytic erosion;
  • 360° EMI Shielded or non-shield version all available for different performance requirement;
  • Made according to MIL-DTL-38999 standard for varies of material, finish, size and contact version for your choice;
  • Small MOQ(minimal order quantity) to help you reduce inventories and avoid market risks;
  • Accept OEM & ODM order to meet your customized requirement;
Mechanical Properties
Retention Size 22D :  4,5N Size 12:  11,1N
Size 20 :  6,7N Size 8:  11,1N
Size 16:  11,1N
Vibrations As per MIL-DTL-38999
Physical 300 g,3 ms in the 3 axes
Durability 500 coupling and uncoupling cycles
Environment Condition
Service Temperature Sealed version Cadmium plating -65℃ to + 175 ℃
Nickel plating  -65℃ to + 200 ℃
Hermetic version Passived plating  -65℃ to + 200 ℃
Thermal shocks As per MIL-DTL-38999
Sealing Leakage≦16cm  3/h on mated connecting under 2.1bars
Air leakage Hermetic version ≤ 1.10-6 mbar
Salt spray resistance Sealed version 500 hours class W and K ,as per MIL-DTL-38999
48 hours class F and L ,as per MIL-DTL-38999
Electrical Properties
Withstanding voltage AT sea level Service M:1300v
Sercice I:1800v
Sercice II:2300v Sercice N:1000v
At 70000 ft altitude Mated connector Unmated connector
Service M:800v Service M:200v
Service I:1000v Service I:200v
Service II:1000v Service II:200v
Insulation resistance 5000 MΩ to 25℃ and 65% HR max
Voltage drop Size 22 : test to 5  Amp.=73 millivolts max
Size 20 : test to 7.5  Amp.=55 millivolts max
Size 16 : test to 13  Amp.=49 millivolts max
Size 12 : test to 23  Amp.=42 millivolts max
Size 8 : test to 46  Amp.=26 millivolts max
Shielding As per MIL-DTL-3899
Material & Finish
Shell Material Sealed version Aluminium alloy,Composite
Hermetic version Stainless steel
Plating Sealed version W-Olive drab cadmium F-Nickel
Hermetic version K-Passived L-Nickel
RFI ring Material Beryllium copper
Plating Nickel/cadmium
Insert Material Sealed version Thermoplastic and fluorinated silicone elastomer
Hermetic version Sintered glass insert
Flat gasket and “o” ring Material Fluorinited silicone elastomer
Contacts Material Sealed version Copper alloy
Hermetic version Ferrous alloy
Plating Gold
Type Sealed version Crimp type or pcb (consult us)
Hermetic version Solder type or pcb (consult us)