Mounted Sockets 250A 750V Electric Vehicle Fast Car BPC30 Chassis Connector

Tags:Mounted Sockets, BPC30, 250A, Electric Vehicle  Fast Car, 750V, Socket

  • Termination method: Crimping, for car socket, it’s pinhole.
  • Implementation of enterprise standards: Q / 21E1660


The product is a straight pull no-locking connector. The locking mechanism is between equipment. It is mainly used for the current transmission between the battery box and the vehicle side, the battery wire and the charging end.


Used in vibration environment during car driving.

Main Technical Specification:

Mechanical Performance:
——Shell: Aluminum with nickel plating
——Insulator: PBT   Flammability rating UL94-V0
——Contact: copper alloy with gold plated
——Vibration: 10-500Hz
——Durability: 10000 times

Environmental Performance:
——Operating temperature:-40℃~+80℃
——Salt Spray: 240 hours

Electrical Performance:
——Rated operating current: Signal2A, auxiliary20A, power supply250A, Ground80A
——Contact resistance: Signal and auxiliary≤0.75mΩ, power and grounding≤0.5mΩ
——Insulation resistance: ≥100mΩ(at room temperature, after wiring)
——Withstand voltage: Between power and ground 3000V AC
——Between signal and holes: 500VAC

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