High Voltage Interlock Loop Connector HVIL 80A Square Flange Socket Male

Tags:HVIL High Voltage Interlock Electrical Connector, 4Hole Square Flange Socket , 2Pin, Male, 80A, Plug

  • Applicable to inside of electric vehicles for high pressure, shielding and sealed connection.
  • With 360°shielding.
  • The product has a signal loop that can achieve short circuit.
  • Plug crimping single-core shielded wire, socket is connected by copper connection.
  • Use straight push-pull shrapnel locking structure.
  • With secondary locking function to prevent accidental disconnection caused by incorrect operation.


——Shell made by plastic, which is lightweight and more security in using.

——Orange color act as a warning.

——Anti-touch design.

——A variety of key positions for installation identification and insert recognition.

——Meet the IP67 protection rating.

——Implementation of the standard: Q / 21EJ1799


Products used for high-voltage connection of car charger, battery pack, high voltage distribution box, motor controller, air conditioning, PTC, battery, etc. Can also be used for short circuit control.


Used for connection between the high voltage cables inside the electric vehicle.

Main Technical Specification:

——Contact, shield: copper
——Insulator: engineering plastics
——Sealing ring: rubber material

Mechanical Performance:
——Vibration: Frequency 10-25Hz, ampitude 1.2mm
——Impact: 25-500Hz, 30m/s²
——Durability: 500 times

Environmental Performance:
——Operating temperature:-40℃~+125℃
——Relative humidity : 95% at40℃
——Degree of protection: IP67
——Environmental Resistance performance: 48 hours

Electrical Performance:
——Contact resistance and rated current
——Rated current, withstand voltage and insulation resistance:

Contact specification mm Rated current(MAX)A Applicable wire(Shielded) mm²
4# 80A 10~25
Working environment Rated voltage V Withstand voltage V Insulation resistance MΩ
Normal temperature state 600AC 3000AC ≥5000

Note: The Product Rated Current is Related to The Connected Wire.

Madel Name:

Example of model number:
1. High-voltage interlock connector, plug, 2-pin, female pin, rated current 80A, straight outlet, Applicable wire single core 10 square, key code 1, model is:
2. High voltage interlock connector, square flange socket, 2 pin, male pin, rated current 80A, Copper wiring, key code 1, model is: