Electric Car Charging Socket NDQ High Qulaity DC Connector

Electric Car Charging Socket NDQ High Qulaity DC Connector

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  • Products complies with GB/T20234-2015 standard;
  • Current Rating include:
    AC: 10A, 16A, 32A, 63A
    DC: 80A, 125A, 200A, 250A
  • Design and development combined with ergonomics, small size with beautiful appearance. Good security and easy to operate.
  • Excellent electrical performance, with electronic locking, temperature sensing function.
  • The plug and socket termination type is wire crimping.
  • Degree of protection: IP54(with protective cap), IP55(Gun Assembly).


Used for connection between the high voltage cables inside the electric vehicle.


For vehicle charging system using, such as vehicle charger, DC charger, AC charger,etc

Main Technical Specification:

——Shell: Thermoplastics
——Insulator: Thermoplastic
——Sealing ring: rubber material
——Insulator flame retardant grade: UL94-V0
——Contact: copper alloy

Environmental Performance:
——Operating temperature:-30℃~+50℃
——Relative humidity : 98% at40℃
——Degree of protection: IP55 (during charging)

Electrical Performance:
——Rating voltage:250/440V AC, 750V DC
——Insulation resistance: ≥1000MΩ( AC charging connector);
≥2000MΩ(DC charging connector)

Electronic lock performance indicators

NO. Performance Item Name Detail Remarks
1 Rated voltage 12±1 V DC
2 Working current 0.2-0.5A Continous power 1h, electronic lock temperature rise 60K
3 Rotate output force Stroke 4mm, the thrust 100g
4 Working stroke 4mm
5 Internal switch trigger Electronic lock movement 4mm
6 Operating temperature -30~+50℃

Circuit principle

One – way self – resetting electronic lock Two – way holding electronic lock
Free state Unlock state of charging gun and charging socket is:

the state between L-dect + and L-dect- is SI off;

Unlock state of charging gun and charging socket is:

the state between L-dect + and L-dect- is SI off;

Locked state After charging gun connected with charging socket,

the electronic lock wire Lock + and Lock- continuous

power 12 ± 1V,

electronic lock locked, and the state between L-dect +

and L-dect- changed to SI closed;

After charging gun connected with charging socket,

the electronic lock wire Lock + and Lock- continuous

power 12 ± 1V pulse voltage, that is, Lock + pass 12V


lock- pass 0V voltage, the power time is shown as below.

Then electronic locked, L- Dect + and L-dect- are


from SI to closed state;

Unlock state If charge is terminated or the charging request is stopped,

the electronic lock wire will interrupted between Lock +

and Lock-, the electronic lock is disconnected, and

the L-dect + and L-dect- are changed to SI disconnected;

If charge is terminated or the charging request is

stopped, electronic lock wire between the lock + and

Lock- pass reverse pulse voltage, that is,

lock- pass 0V voltage,

Lock + pass -12V voltage, the power

time is shown as below.

Then the electronic lock is disconnected,

and the L-dect + and L-dect- are changed to SI disconnected;

DC Charging Plug Circuit Principle