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New energy electric vehicle high-voltage system connection relationship

In order to understand the connection relationship between the various systems of the new energy electric vehicle, a simple logic diagram is now given to deepen the understanding of each system.

High-voltage system components connection logic diagram

New energy electric vehicle high-voltage system connection relationship

New energy electric vehicle high-voltage system connection relationship

It is recommended to look at it for yourself first, think about the logical connection between them, and then look at the following specific introduction.

1. Power Battery

Power battery is an energy supply device in electric vehicles, which needs to provide energy for all systems of the vehicle. When the power is consumed, you also need to charge him. Therefore, its energy flow has both outflow and inflow.

2. High voltage distribution box (PDU)

PDU can be considered as a place for power transfer and distribution, and each component in the high-voltage system needs it for power distribution. Such as high-pressure compressor, PTC, motor controller, etc.

3. service switch

The service switch is located between the power battery and the PDU, which is a necessary component. When the power battery is repaired, it can be used to cut off the high-voltage power of the vehicle to ensure the safety of repairs.

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high-voltage service switch

4. Motor controller and drive motor

The motor controller converts the high-voltage direct current from the PDU into three-phase alternating current and supplies it to the drive motor.

The drive motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to provide power for the vehicle to travel. At the same time, the drive motor can also convert the mechanical energy (such as braking efficiency) generated during driving into electrical energy, and finally send it to the power battery to supplement the electrical energy.

5. Fast charging port

The power of the fast charging port is high-voltage direct current, which can be directly sent to the power battery for charging through the PDU without processing.

6. Slow filling

The power of the slow charging port is high-voltage alternating current, which needs to be converted through the OBC unit in the two-in-one controller, or OBC (there is no two-in-one controller, OBC and DC/DC are separated). The converted high-voltage direct current is charged through the PDU to charge the power battery.

7. DC/DC

In order to achieve the electric balance of the whole vehicle, the power battery needs to provide the power supply of the electric appliances of the whole vehicle, and at the same time, it can charge the battery. However, the power of the power battery is high-voltage electricity, so it is necessary to convert high-voltage direct current into low-voltage direct current through a DC/DC device.


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