How to choose industrial waterproof connector (1)?

Industrial waterproof connectors As connector products that are used in many industries, many users will face the problem of selecting industrial waterproof connectors. However, some of them are not well understood for industrial waterproof connector parameters, and they cannot make Correct and reasonable connector purchase, here is the technical staff of RENHOTEC electrical engineer for everyone to introduce the selection method of industrial waterproof connector.

1, According to the choice of use environment

Air humidity, temperature, etc. are determined by the environment in which the industrial waterproof connector is used, so we must consider the environmental impact of the location before selecting the model. And the industrial waterproof connector has the factors such as impact and vibration during use, we need to choose the connector that suits our use according to the location and environment.

2, The correct choice of industrial waterproof connector type

Users must first understand the location of the industrial waterproof connector they choose to use, what to connect to, etc. These specific use requirements will determine the type of industrial waterproof connector. For example, the use of connectors in outdoor, indoor, humid, and corrosive environments will affect whether we need waterproof, sealed and other industrial waterproof connectors with protective functions. The type of connector determines the number of terminals we use and how many conductive terminals are arranged.

3, According to electrical requirements

When we choose the industrial waterproof connector model, we must forget the electrical requirements of the product. In our own use, the connector needs to meet the current and voltage, etc. Whether the connector can meet the current and voltage in actual use, we must advance considering. In addition to these common electrical requirements, there are resistance, millivolt drop, maximum current value, inrush current value, pull-out loss avoidance efficiency, allowable resistance change, and the like.

4, The choice of specific specifications

Industrial waterproof connector manufacturers use approximately 20 test mechanisms as a source of some or all of their connector specifications. When choosing, we should consider the use requirements in some special cases (including whether the international is universal, etc.).

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