M Series Sensor Connector

Renhotec provide wide range of M series sensor connectors (Include M8 M12 Connectors) which have similar model and quality with top brands in the world. More competitive and reasonable FACTORY price with many different cable connectors, panel-mounted receptacles for choice.

Rugged, high-performance in harsh environment and industrial application.

M Series Products

All 12 /AC (Alternating Current) 0 /AC (Alternating Current) 0 /AC (Alternating Current) 0 /BPA20 Series 0 /BPC10 Series 0 /BPC20 Series 0 /BPC30 Series 0 /BPC50 Series 0 /D-sub Combination Connectors 0 /D-sub High Density Connector 0 /D-sub Standard Connector 0 /DC (Direct Current) 0 /DC (Direct Current) 0 /Dustproof Cap 0 /EV Charger 0 /GB/T Series 0 /GX 12 Connector 0 /GX 16 Connector 0 /GX 20 Connector 0 /GX 25 Connector 0 /GX 30 Connector 0 /Gx Aviation Connector 0 /High Voltage High Current Connectors 0 /HVIL 150A Series 0 /HVIL 16A Series 0 /HVIL 20A Series 0 /HVIL 250A Series 0 /HVIL 40A Series 0 /HVIL 80A Series 0 /HVIL Series 0 /Industry Connector 0 /M12 Adapter & Splitter 0 /M12 Cable(Cordsets) 0 /M12 Connectors & Cables 0 /M12 Field Wireable Connectors 0 /M12 Panel Receptacles 0 /M16 Connectors & Cables 0 /M16 Field Wireable Connectors 0 /M16 Panel Receptacles 0 /M5 Connectors & Cables 0 /M5 Panel Receptacles 0 /M8 Cables(Cordsets) 0 /M8 Connectors & Cables 12 /M8 Field Wireable Connectors 0 /M8 Panel Receptacles 0 /M9 Connector 0 /Manual Service Disconnect 0 /MC4 Cable 0 /MC4 Solar Connetor 0 /MC4 Tools 0 /MIL 38999 Connector 0 /Mil Spec D-Sub Connector 0 /Mini MSD Series 0 /MS 5015 Connector 0 /MS5015-10SL 0 /MS5015-14S 0 /MS5015-16 0 /MS5015-16S 0 /MS5015-18 0 /MS5015-20 0 /MS5015-22 0 /MS5015-24 0 /MS5015-28 0 /MS5015-32 0 /MSD Series 0 /New Energy EV Connector 0 /Push-Pull High Current Series 0 /PV Solar Connector 0 /RA16 Connector 0 /RA20 Connector 0 /RA24 Connector 0 /RA28 Connector 0 /RA32 Connector 0 /RA40 Connector 0 /SAEJ1772/Type1 Series 0 /SCSI Cable 0 /SCSI Series 0 /Sensor Connector 0 /Trunk Battery Connectors 0 /Type2 Series 0 /USB Waterproof Connector 0 /Waterproof D-sub 0


Download our PDF M Series Sensor Connectors Presentation Now!

M8, M12 Connectors presentation;
Connector interface, material and specifications;
Contact Pinout option and order number for your easy selection.

  • Screw-lock structure ensure reliability and stability in application, good shock resistance performance;
  • Degree of protection up to IP67 for safe use in harsh environment;
  • 360° EMI Shielded or non-shield version all available for different performance requirement;
  • Site-molded type or pre-assemble type for choice with flexible length PVC or PUR cable;
  • Small MOQ(minimal order quantity) to help you reduce inventories and avoid market  risks;
  • Accept OEM & ODM order to meet your customized requirement;
Coupling Threaded coupling
Shell Material Metal:Brass with Nickel plated or Stainless Steel
Plastic: PA
Insert Material PA66 Black
Contact Material Phosphor bronze with gold plated
Cable Material PVC or PUR(more durable)
Shield or unshield
Cable Length 1m/2m/5m/10m or customized length with MOQ 100pcs
Cable Color Black/Gray/Yellow/Green/Blue/Orange or customized color
IP Rating Up to IP67

Renhotec’s M series sensor connectors are ideal for automation and many industrial applications, mainly include the following aspects:

  • Sensor and Actuators of Automation Industry;
  • Communication, Aviation and Navigation;
  • mechanical Industry;
  • Automobile Manufacture;
  • Electronic Instruments;
  • Industrial Computer;
  • Outdoor LED Lighting;
  • Engineering Machinery;
  • Oil Exploration;

Our product range about M8 M12 Connectors include not only spec listed below, and also customized spec made according to our current customers. Kindly contact us to learn more details about it.