Comprehensive Analysis of Mubus Connector

Features and applications of waterproof mudbus connectors:

Waterproof mudbus connector, also known as connector and power socket in China. That is to say, two active components are connected, and in the office environment of water, there can be a mudbus joint that is undisturbed, has stable characteristics, and all normally connects and transmits current amount or connects data signals.

Waterproof mudbus connector features:

1. It is easy to overhaul. If an electronic device component is invalid, it can quickly replace the invalid component when equipped with a connector;

2. Improve the coordination ability of the design plan;

3. The connector can improve the processing process, simplify the whole process of the assembly line of the electronic equipment, and simplify the whole process of mass production together;

4, is conducive to the upgrade, followed by technological advances, with the connector can upgrade the meta-components, replace the old with new, more robust meta-components.

Main uses of waterproof mudbus joints:

Waterproof mudbus joints are used in communications, airlines, ships, trolleys, test instruments, electronic instrumentation, electronic machinery, construction machinery and equipment. Electrical and mechanical engineering, crude oil exploration, electronic computers, Led, transmission automatic control systems, electrical and electrical system software, industrial automation and other industries.

Structural characteristics of the mudbus joint:

1. The installation specifications of the mudbus connector power socket are the same as those of the P-type power connector.

2. More safety: The mudbus connector has a protective grounding pole. When connecting, the protection ground is first connected, and its current is connected to the pole. When separated, the current-carrying pole is first broken, and its protection ground is broken.

3, mudbus connector can be splash-proof, that is, the waterproof level reaches IP567.

4. The power plug and power socket of the mudbus connector have safety protection cover, which can prevent dust and liquid from invading after the plug and socket are separated.

5. The metal casing of the mudbus connector is connected to the protective earthing pole.

6. Mudbus connector power plug and connector housing have two mounting structures: fixed metal hose and fixed ring cable.

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